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Reshaping Data | Engagement | Loyalty Reshaping Data | Engagement | Loyalty

Twist & Shout Out Archive : Author - Nick

Ethical marketing – after all its not really YOUR data (it belongs to your customers.)

As part of the “Data as a Force for Good “panel debate at this year’s…

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Agency Training Final Thoughts

Taken from a recent training session, this short snippet shows you the final thoughts from…

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More Effective Marketing Using Persona & Data Segmentation

How we treat each and every customer is important in shaping the success of our…

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Automation and Campaign Activities

In this blog, we will take a look at automation and campaign activities based around…

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A Look At Integrated Marketing

Here’s a quick ‘behind the scenes’ look at a recent training session. Delivered as a…

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The Power of Relationships: Trust and Storytelling

Today I'd like to touch on two topics for those that are in business-to-business sales…

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Understanding Your Customer

When thinking about your customer, often the beginning spot for most businesses is to talk…

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The Importance of Planning Your Marketing

Often when people think about their marketing their first thoughts are what do I send? …

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IT’S ALL IN THE TELL. The power of vendor storytelling to brands.

This blog originally appeared on Only Influences. The World's Leading Community for Email Marketing Professionals.…

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MARKETING HEROES: A Q&A with the Director of Twist Consultancy.

This blog originally appeared as part of the Marketing Heroes series by Pure360   Please…

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Cedar partner with Twist Consultancy in an email communications project for Reed Specialist Recruitment.

Reed Specialist Recruitment, a client of Cedar’s digital customer experience team, invited them to pitch…

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Unlock the marketing gold trapped within your business.

More relevant, better targeted marketing will give you an immediate increase in revenue. My last…

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