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Reshaping Data | Engagement | Loyalty Reshaping Data | Engagement | Loyalty

Twist Strategy

“Clear and simply articulated planning, set by priority and a good dose of common sense.”

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.
I don’t much care where –
Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

Alice in Wonderland between Alice and the Cheshire cat

Arguably the most important element of the marketing process, your strategy and planning provides a clear articulation of “where you want to get to” with an understanding as to WHY. The direction your marketing strategy takes depends upon the business goals and ambitions. Where are you starting from and where do you need to be?

The Twist approach breaks down even the most sophisticated planning into simple tasks. Then we overlay a common sense approach, matching ambition to activity plan and blend this with the expert knowledge you have about your business.

  • Clearly defined, achievable, measurable plans.
  • New ideas, industry insight and delivery experience, fuelling fresh thinking.
  • A focus on both quick wins and longer term sustained success.
  • Skills, tech and process reviews. Identifying gaps and recommending solutions.
  • Alignment across business objectives, customer insight and marketing approaches.

Twist Delivery

“Proven and trusted real-world delivery experience for a few hours or dedicated days.”

A simple and fast way to add marketing expertise and extra resource into your business. Either for a fixed number of hours or dedicated days, it’s always at a known cost.

‘Twist Hub’; provides marketing support on an hourly basis.

‘Twist Interim Management’; will dedicate us to your business on a daily basis. We can work on your premises or remotely as an extension of the team.

We’re well practised at fitting into your way of working but aren’t afraid to challenge and offer smart thinking as well as support. Whether you now need some dedicated marketing resource, need extra help developing a new marketing proposition or are deploying a new technical capability, we can provide hands on support to ensure delivery success.

  • Core or extra marketing activity completed without business distractions.
  • Campaign set up and delivery based on strategy and planning.
  • Automation of marketing activity, from tech review to send.
  • Audit & recommendation across data, segmentation and personalisation.
  • Reporting with insight, maximising future success from past learning.

Twist Agency Partner

“Agency delivery experience with added client-side perspective.”

Having agency, vendor and client-side experience we know what’s needed to be successful from each of these perspectives. When you need some specialist knowledge to compliment the team, we’ll complete the skills mix.

We can work as part of the strategy and presentation team adding our subject matter expertise and helping tell the story to the client.

Or we can provide team training support, developing sales and success teams by adding a client-side perspective to their ways of working.

We’re happy to work under your brand name or as Twist, if an independent approach better fits the requirement.

With a breadth of experience across client & verticals, we know that we can add real value to the solution you deliver to your clients.

Read here how we worked together with the incumbent agency for Reed Recruitment on an email communications project.

  • Specialist skills complimenting your projects e.g. eCRM and Marketing Automation.
  • An injection of brand side, vendor and agency experience to enhance the client offering.
  • Client Success support using a ‘Trusted Advisor’ approach.
  • Sales and Success team development based on understanding the marketeers perspective.
  • Insight strategy and solution story telling. Finding the ‘so what’ in the proposition.
  • Product or service development and positioning. What do clients need and want?

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