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Post GDPR to do list: #1 Increase the size of my engaged email database

If your company decided or needed to seek re-permission for email sends you will now be witnessing the major impact on your database volume. For some brands, this will be a reduction of more than half their existing send base.

On the plus side having a smaller, but more engaged list will create better open, click and conversion rates than before. However, as email provides such a great Return on Investment (£32.28 back for every £1 spent according to recent DMA research*) and when used properly, creates real brand engagement, it’s a clear objective to grow your email send volume.

Note: I’m NOT saying you’ll get double the revenue from double the send, but you will see significant uplift from increasing your ENGAGED mailable data.

So, to give you some hope post GDPR, here’s 3 steps to help create your acquisition strategy.

Step 1: Review your sign-up process

  • How strong and compelling is your reason to sign up (the value exchange)
  • Is it clear “what’s in it for me” from the consumer perspective
  • What’s the user experience. Is sign up easy to find. Is the form presented in multiple ways at multiple relevant times in the online journey

Step 2: Use other channels to support and promote email sign up

  • Highlight the value of email across ALL your social networks (yes inc YouTube)
  • Direct mail to your lapsed high spenders / VIP’s, perhaps with a personalised online link
  • Tactical ‘in app’ messages, ‘web push’ and SMS notifications – cross channel is key

Step 3: Find the new audiences for direct sign up

  • Use a competition or influencer marketing partner to promote your brand
  • Work with complimentary brands to promote your brand to their customers
  • An oldie, but a goody – use member get member, referral or loyalty schemes


We all know we should be doing this anyway, but now it’s a priority.

Hopefully this refresher provides the ‘WHAT’

Here at Twist we’d love to help you with the ‘HOW” so please do get in touch.


*reference: DMA Marketer email tracker 2018

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