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Agency Training Final Thoughts

Taken from a recent training session, this short snippet shows you the final thoughts from the day. The focus was centered around enabling an agency sales and success team, to create powerful relationships and profitable accounts…


Long before Jeremy Kyle there was Jerry Springer. His show was a similar concept, bringing together dysfunctional families to air their dirty laundry in public. Arguably in a fairer and more considerate way.


He always used to finish the show with a final thought.


And this is the final thoughts from me…


The objective in what we are doing, taking things right back to the beginning, was to give you (the agency team) a three pronged support through: 


  • Platform training
  • Sales training 
  • Marketing considerations


These marking considerations are designed to give a view of the world through the lens of a marketer. With this understanding it then positively influences and supports the conversations you can have with those marketers (your prospects and clients.). 


This will then improve your ability to move from being service driven in your approach (what’s your problem, here’s a solution), to a more consultancy based approach (let’s understand what’s behind the issue and put a complete and more valuable solution together.)


What we are trying to achieve is to help you to align yourself with your prospects, understand the key phases and steps to thinking about maturing digitally, as well as the risk and pain points involved. You need to share your prospects desires. 


How do they create relevant and targeted personalised campaigns, whilst considering the return on investment. The importance of developing use-case based solutions, so that you can then match the features and benefits to each customers needs. Understanding where the technology, process and skill set sits within that martech stack. 


The final final thought I’ll leave you is this one – because this is the thing that makes the difference… 


The relationships that you form, the ability you have to be able to understand and empathize and solutionize for your prospects is the one thing that will differentiate you beyond any platform capability or perception. That is where the trust comes in. That credibility and reliability will create trust. And trust is the thing that will open up your prospects and allow them to be far more honest and thus create more beneficial relationships.


Until next time…. “Take care of yourself and each other” – Jerry Springer

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