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More Effective Marketing Using Persona & Data Segmentation

How we treat each and every customer is important in shaping the success of our overall marketing efforts. Using personas and data segmentation will increase your effectiveness in speaking to them as individuals, taking them on a more enjoyable customer journey. 


Looking at the customer marketing persona; 

How can we start to better understand our customers? 


Consider for a minute some key areas of consideration, such as their needs, wants & fears;


  • What are their ambitions? 
  • What are they trying to achieve in that specific moment? 
  • What is important to them?
  • Where might the business be able to meet that requirement?


All of these factors then start to feed into the positioning and the message we use. 


Together with the personas, we need to consider ways of mapping their customer journey. We know who it is, but how do they interact with us, how are they engaging with us and what are they trying to achieve in those moments? All key elements of interactions with your business.


We need to look at breaking down some of those key steps, identifying where the opportunities are by measuring the current customer experience, verses what we want that customer experience to be. This shows us the gaps to further improve the customer journey & experience. 


Sitting underneath all of these elements is the customer data. 

The thing that we need to embrace that we might not love. 

Our ugly baby of marketing. 


Understanding what data is in the business, what its context is, and how it’s put together. How can you bring that data together with that customer grouping, in order to be able to operationalise it. Then most importantly – how do we actually deploy this? How do we recognise those groups against each other in order to be able to treat them differently?


There are also different ways to segment, or group our customer base into trends that they share. One of these ways is through a segmentation audit. A set of questions that are business focused, rather than technically focused.



These questions help you begin to look at how well you understand the difference between your customers e.g. first time user vs. your multiple user.


How well do you understand;

  • When somebody last came to the website?
  • What they looked at?
  • What activity or what touch points they’ve had with you and the business? 


We need to dig and dig, to see if we can create some future marketing ambitions?

What might the future might look like if we started to do things in a different way? 

And what might the benefits then be of that change? 


Looking at how we can then start to make our segmentation more sophisticated is important as the next step. 


Rather than based on one set of data like; where you live, or what you bought. 


Could we put together segments like… 

What you’ve bought + A website visit in the last six months + The area you live in


Think about how we can put that data together to start to cube it. Become more sophisticated with your data selections and the approach to marketing to these customers. 


It’s a mixture of pen and paper – the logic of it… (Can I get my head round how to put this together?), as well as the mechanics and the technology and how easy it is within the platform to be able to create that experience.


Once you have the data organised and the customer journey mapped out, we need to look at the process for going from that kind of planning to the actual deployment of a new approach. 


So consider dividing up into three steps across Segmentation, Targeting and Personalisation.


The segmentation is putting those customers into their groups.

  • Understanding what makes them different and what they need 


The targeting is then about what is the potential of those groups?

  • Where do I want to put that resource effort? 
  • Where do I put that investment for my marketing spend? 


And the personalisation is around what am I going to say? 

  • How do I address the needs and actually deploy to them and get them to take the next steps that are mutually beneficial? 


Know your customer through your personas. Understand their interactions with you from customer journey mapping. And create amazing marketing from segmentation to inform targeting to create personalised content and activity.

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